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I graduated from UCLA having majored in aerospace engineering with a concentration in electrical engineering. I have a wide breadth of experience in amateur and university high power rocketry. I have developed overall rocket systems as well as designed and manufactured high performance structural components .

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My Skillset


I have a strong intuitive sense of engineering which often gives me an excellent starting point for engineering analysis. I enjoy taking a good idea and making it into something better. I take pride in my work and the feeling of a job well done. I have good interpersonal skills and enjoy working with groups of people. Good teamwork and learning from each other is the cornerstone to successful engineering.

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My Passions


Outside of school and work I have a passion for all things mechanical. I enjoy building and working on cars and motorcycles. Amateur rocketry is my main hobby and is part of a long-term goal of taking my own video or photo of earth from space. Outside of the technical I enjoy running and socializing with my friends.

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Christopher Bear

Los Angeles, California, United States